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Elon History and Memory Campus Tour

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This exhibit is a campus tour built upon the 2020 History and Memory Report and resources from Elon University Archives & Special Collections. You can follow along the campus tour to learn about the hidden injustices and acts of resistance in the university's history. 

Elon University Fire of 1923


This exhibit showcases the Fire of 1923, which destroyed the Administration Building, also known as "Old Main", on the campus of what was then Elon College. The year 2023 is the one hundred year anniversary of the tragic event. While the fire brought devastation, it also brought a renewal of Elon through the rebuilding initiative, which allowed Elon to gain five new buildings. This historical event marked a shift into a growth period, and allowed Elon to be reborn from the ashes just like a Phoenix. The exhibit was created by Brie Melchor, Elon Class of 2026, during her time as a student worker in Elon University Archives and Special Collections.

He Knew The Dangers Before Him: Elon graduate Dewey Hooper in World War II


This exhibit tells the story of Dewey G. Hooper, a 1940 graduate of Elon College who served during the Second World War.  Hooper enlisted in the U.S. Army and became a pilot in the U.S. Army Air Forces.  In 1942, 2nd Lt. Hooper was killed when his B-24 Bomber crashed in a remote area of Australia.  A half-century later, an Australian named Ron Deering recovered Hooper's Elon College class ring from the wreckage. Deering contacted Elon; college employees got in contact with members of Hooper's family to tell them of the find. The ring and other items from the crash were brought home to the family, and are now in the Dewey Hooper Collection in the Archives & Special Collections, Carol Grotnes Belk Library at Elon University.

The Elon Liberal Arts Forum


Founded in 1958, the student-led Liberal Arts Forum has provided Elon with quality scholarly lectures centered on the humanities and social sciences. To learn more about the forum's existence please enjoy this exhibit.